5 Uses for Toner

A Component of a Well-Rounded Skin Care

Since toner has many useful applications, it's a great element to add to your skin care routine. Here are some keys to ensuring it works in harmony with your other grooming products:

  • Buy a toner formulated for your specific skin type -- normal, oily, dry, combination or sensitive.
  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser before applying toner.
  • After patting your skin dry with a clean towel, apply toner to a cotton ball or facial tissue.
  • Swipe the toner across your t-zone (your forehead and nose) where your skin is likely to be most oily, and then tackle any other oily areas of your face.
  • If you're using an alcohol-based astringent avoid applying it to any dry or flaky areas of the skin. If you're using a moisturizing toner, you can rub it over your entire face.
  • Once the toner on your skin has dried, you can then apply a moisturizing cream or lotion.

If you're looking for more skin care advice, check out the additional information we have below.

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