How to Apply Makeup to Oily Skin

Makeup Products to Avoid

Even when you've done all the prep work and have all the right tools, you can still run into trouble applying makeup. Using the wrong cosmetics can increase the oiliness of your skin, causing your makeup to look blotchy and streaky. Before you know it, your makeup may start sliding down your face.

To avoid makeup meltdown, you need to consider the types of cosmetics, skin cleansers and other facial products you use. The most important thing to remember for oily skin is to avoid thick, heavy and overly creamy products that contain oils. For example, you shouldn't use products formulated for dry skin -- these are meant to increase oil production.

You should also steer clear of the following oil-inducing products:

  • Cleansers that feel sandy and gritty may be too abrasive for oily skin, causing it to produce extra oil to counteract the harshness [source: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics].
  • Your instinct may be to remove as much oil as possible, but be wary of products like toners that typically contain certain drying alcohols. These can cause the same rebound effect that occurs from using a harsh cleanser. If you need to use a toner, opt for a mild one [source:].
  • Use oil-free moisturizers that will keep skin hydrated without encouraging greasy buildup [source: WebMD].
  • When selecting sunscreen, look for oil-free options and avoid lotions that are thick and heavy [source: Syrett].
  • If you have oily skin, you may be prone to breakouts, so look for products labeled "noncomedogenic" -- this means they won't clog pores [source: WebMD].

Overall, if you take care with your beauty habits, you can turn your oily skin into a glowing success. By using proper preparation, tools, techniques and products, you can develop a wonderful relationship with the oil in your skin.

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