How to Create Smokey Eyes

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Turn on the TV or open any magazine and you're bound to find a pair of smokey eyes staring back at you. You've probably looked closely at a celebrity's eyes and wondered what kind of makeup genius it took to create that mysterious, sultry look. The good news is you can rip a page out of those magazines and create the same look for yourself. It's not just a popular trend, too -- the technique is also a great way to make your eye color stand out.

To create smokey eyes, you'll need to make sure you give yourself a little extra time when getting ready. You can't just throw on a quick layer of eye shadow and run out the door. Smokey eyes require attention to detail and some patience to get the colors and effect right.

If you're ready to turn up the heat on those eyes, make sure you have the right tools before getting started. First, you'll need an eye shadow brush to apply and blend your eye shadow [source: Prevention]. While sponge applicators might work for teenage skin, they aren't ideal. Sponge applicators cake on shadows with uneven streaks and pull at the delicate eye tissue. You can use the same brush to apply highlight shadow to the inner corners of your eyes or get a separate fluffy brush for highlight color application so you don't need to clean your brush in between colors. An angled-tip brush is useful for applying eye shadow under the bottom lash line. A soft, fluffy brush is good for dabbing light eye shadow into the corners of your eyes. Lastly, invest in a dedicated eyeliner sharpener if you prefer pencil eyeliner. Using your child's school pencil sharpener is not a good idea, no matter how much you smack it against the counter to remove the graphite pencil shavings.

If you have the right tools and a quiet moment to test out a new look, read on to find out how to take your eyes from puffy and tired to smokey and gorgeous.