How to Find the Right Foundation

Mineral foundations typically don't contain chemicals, dyes or preservatives found in traditional makeup. See pictures of makeup tips.
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If you've ever applied makeup, you probably know that the goal is to look like you're not wearing any makeup at all. Unless you're opting for bright lipstick and dramatically lined eyes, most women want their skin to seem vibrant, glowing and completely natural. In no case is this truer than with foundation, a flesh-toned makeup that creates an even, smooth complexion. For most women, foundation is a must: It can help hide scars, blemishes, blotchy skin and wrinkles. Furthermore, some varieties can moisturize your skin, control oil, fight acne or provide sun protection [source: Pearl].

Although foundation is sometimes called the blank canvas for all other makeup, it's often difficult to find the right type and shade of makeup. There are literally hundreds of foundations on the market, and they all come in different colors and consistencies. It can get even more complicated trying to figure out if you should use a liquid, powder, stick or mineral foundation. And once you decide on a type, you still have to select the foundation that best matches your skin tone.

Clearly, there are many factors to consider when choosing and a foundation. In this article you'll learn about the different types of foundation, which kind will work best with your particular skin type and how to best match a foundation to your skin tone, so keep reading to learn how to get the beautiful, natural look you desire.