How to Find the Right Foundation

Stick Foundation

If you like the way lipstick can slide into a small, convenient space in your purse, you may like stick foundations. Stick foundations are the go-to option for people seeking portability and convenience -- they come in a small tube, and they're easy to apply to a specific area on your skin. These sticks, like cream foundations, can also be used as a concealer to hide certain imperfections. There are many different types of stick foundation on the market, and they're available for oily, normal, dry and combination skin.

Stick foundations are similar to creams, but they're made of a denser formula that contains moisturizing oils so they can be more easily applied. This thicker consistency makes them ideal for covering blemishes and filling in fine lines and wrinkles [source: Kaylor]. In fact, many women turn to stick foundations after surgery because they easily cover bruises and conceal scars [source: WebMD].

Although stick foundations are easy to apply, it's best to use them in specific problem areas, such as your chin or nose, instead of an all-over application. After the stick is applied to the skin, use a thick powder brush to spread out the concentrated spots of makeup to produce a more even look [source: Kaylor].

If you're still confused about which kind of foundation is best for you, keep reading to learn more about selecting the perfect makeup for your skin type.