How often should I reapply my makeup?

Initial Makeup Application

The key to long-lasting makeup begins with your original makeup application. Though it may take a few extra minutes and a few more products, layering makeup is essential for making it through the day. Start with a clean, moisturized face. Then apply a primer -- this step is often skipped, but it can be great for extending your makeup's wear. Next, using an appropriate formula for your skin color and type -- apply your foundation. You'll use a cream or liquid for drier skin and an oil-free formula or powder for oilier skin. When it comes to foundation, remember that less is more. Not only will this give you a more natural look, it will make reapplication easier. Then finish your face with powder and blush if you use it.

For eyes, the key to long-lasting color is a good eye shadow base. In a pinch, you can use a thin layer of foundation [source: Reader's Digest Canada]. Then apply your color -- powders and creams are both good, but stick with neutral colors since darker colors are more noticeable when they smear or crease. If you use eyeliner, make sure it's waterproof -- otherwise, your liner will run as the day progresses. The same is true for mascara: Apply a waterproof formula and use only one coat -- at most two -- and make sure it's not clumpy the first time, or it'll only flake and smudge throughout the day.

For lips, start by filling them in with a neutral lip liner. Then set it with a translucent powder. By doing this after you line your lips, your lip color will stay in place longer. Top it off with a coat of long-lasting lipstick or lip-gloss, and you're good to go.

No matter how well you apply the first time, it's inevitable that your makeup will need some kind of touch-up as the day goes on. Read on to find out how to touch up your face just once a day without toting your entire makeup collection to the office.