Lip Enhancement Options

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As far as beauty trends go, the preference for plump, pouty lips seems to have staying power. Every time you turn around, some starlet is sporting her newly "enhanced" kissables for the camera. Maybe it's because soft, full lips seem sensuous and sexy, or because they give the appearance of youth and health. In any case, eye-catching lips certainly have a long history of appeal.

Women have been using color to increase the visual impact of their lips for hundreds of years. It is even said that Cleopatra wore lip color made from crushed beetles, though it wasn't until the 1900s that bright red lips were the beauty standard set by movie stars and models [source: Care Fair]. Now, there are many more options for lip color, but today's lip enhancement techniques have moved way beyond color. There are plenty of ways to get full, sensuous lips even if Mother Nature neglected to give them to you. The number of lip plumpers, lip fillers and other lip-enhancing procedures is growing by the day. People use these methods for two main reasons: Either they want to even out what they view as uneven or asymmetrical lips, or they simply want a plumper overall effect.

Whether you are looking for a temporary way to increase the volume of your lips for a night out, or you want a more lasting effect for all-the-time volume, several products claim to meet these needs. You might stick with a simple lipstick that's advertised to plump your lips for a natural pick-me-up, or you might want to mirror your favorite starlets and go for the longer-lasting effects of filler injections. Keep reading to learn more about how to achieve the luscious lips you've been looking for.