Lip Enhancement Options

Cosmetic Lip Enhancement Products

For temporary lip enhancement, there are many "lip plumpers" on the market. These products usually work in one of two ways: by irritating the skin or adding moisture to the skin. They often contain common, natural ingredients.

Products that work by irritating the skin are applied topically to the lips in a balm or gloss, and irritate the topmost layer of skin with an ingredient such as cinnamon, peppermint, or capsaicin (the spicy chemical in cayenne pepper) [source: Chung]. This results in increased blood flow to the lips, giving them a plump appearance and a more vibrant color [source: Goldfaden]. While this may work to increase the volume and softness of your lips, the result is short-lived. Most of the effects will wear off in about an hour. So if you're on a date, to avoid deflation mid-dinner, you might want to reapply.

The other type of lip-plumping product produces more volume by adding moisture to the lips. These lip plumpers usually contain particles that attract moisture. Besides slightly plumping your pout, the added moisture also diminishes the look of fine lines and creases, giving lips a more lush appearance. These are a good alternative for those with sensitive skin [source: Chung]. But, as with irritant plumpers, the results are temporary and the product will need to reapplied for continuous results.

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