How to Make Your Eyes Pop

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When asked what characteristic they notice first about someone new, people often respond "the eyes." Because the eyes are such a prominent feature, it's no surprise that there are so many methods and tools available to make them look great.

The many things you can do with your eyelashes, eyelids and eyebrows can seem daunting at first, but styling your eyes to match your personality and natural physical characteristics will be a breeze with few basic techniques under your belt.

Keep in mind that makeup trends change with the times, just as fashion does. Similarly, knowledge about how to apply makeup and use makeup tools well, just like an understanding of how clothing accentuates your positive features, is timeless.

Before embarking on your eye beauty routine, prep your eyes to keep them looking healthy and lively. If your eyes are puffy, cover them with a cool cloth to reduce swelling. For extra oomph, use cold tea bags. The cold will tighten up blood vessels, and the caffeine can firm up the skin, all to reduce puffiness [source: Almasi].

The area around the eyes is a naturally dry area for many people, so apply an eye moisturizer. Be sure to use a moisturizer designed specifically for the eyes, because other products can contain eye irritants [source: Otis].

If you decide to go all-out with your eye makeup, then use a light touch when applying blush and lipstick. Select a natural lipstick shade so that your eyes remain the focus. Likewise, don't pile on dark eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara if you want to wear a bright lipstick. Makeup requires balance to keep it from going askew. If your eyes are your favorite feature, then use minimal makeup on other areas of the face to complement them, not compete with them.

The first step to eye-popping style begins with curling your lashes. Read on to learn makeup artists' trick for making this curl last from dawn till dusk.