How to Make Your Eyes Pop

Using an Eyelash Curler

The sight of an eyelash curler might be intimidating if you've never used one before, but when done properly, curling your eyelashes can be easy and safe, and it could add a little extra pizzazz to your finished look. If you plan to wear eyeliner or eye shadow, you should apply these products before curling your lashes so as not to smear them. Don't put on any mascara beforehand, though. Lashes that are coated in mascara can break easily in a curler, so wait to apply mascara until you're done curling [source: Cover Girl].

Start by placing the open curler around your upper eyelashes. Get as close to the eyelid as possible, but be cautious not to accidentally pinch yourself. Then, close the curler and softly squeeze your lashes for about five seconds. Release the curler. After the first squeeze, you might want to open the curler, move it slightly farther up your lashes (away from the eyelid) and squeeze again. Do the same on your other eye, and that's it -- you're done!

Eyelash curlers are meant to be used on only the upper lashes, so you'll need to do the process just once per eye.

It might surprise you to learn that many different kinds of eyelash curlers are available, and they can range in price. Curlers can be made from either plastic or metal, although many beauty experts prefer those made from metal. Keep your curler in tip-top shape by replacing the pads every few months.

If you like the look of curled lashes, you might want to up the ante with false eyelashes. Read on to learn easy ways to apply them.