How to Make Your Eyes Pop

Using Fake Eyelashes

Whether you're going for a realistic look or one that's over-the-top, you can find fake eyelashes to tickle your fancy. Use a few to fill out gaps in your own lashes, or use a lot with glitter or bright colors to really stand out in a crowd.

You'll need a few tools to apply fake eyelashes properly. Although not necessary, a mirror with magnification will make the process a bit less tedious. Also, you should invest in a good pair of tweezers. Before you begin, make sure the room is well lit. If this is your first time using fake lashes, practice first, as application is a skill that takes time.

Use the tweezers to pick up your fake lashes. Only remove fake lashes from their packaging or storage container with tweezers, because they are so small they may fall through or stick to your fingers. When you have your lashes in the tweezers grasp, carefully dip them in your eyelash glue. Use only specified cosmetic glue for this procedure -- don't attempt to use any substitutes. Then, still with the tweezers, place the lashes where you want them on your eyelid, as close as possible to the line of your natural lashes. The glue will take about five seconds to dry, so press the eyelashes in place for at least that long [source: Acciardo].

You might want to apply eye makeup to blend fake eyelashes with your real ones. Eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara will do the trick.

After you've applied lashes, eyeliner is the next step to amazing eyes. Read on to discover how to choose the liner shade that best complements your eye color.