Marvelous Mascara

Mascara Basics

Mascara is an amazing invention and is considered fundamental to any kind of makeup application. Many makeup artists, including myself, say that if you're not wearing any other makeup but still want to wear something, wear mascara. On the other hand, many of us — and I'm guilty of this too — get carried away and wear way too much mascara.

Unfortunately, applying too much mascara increases the chances that the mascara will flake, chip or smear, and that the lashes will appear hard and spiked. Also, the eyelashes can take only so much weight, and excess weight can break them. Gunked-up lashes with tons of mascara do not resemble long, thick lashes — they resemble gunked-up lashes.

The desire for longer, more noticeable lashes inspires many women to use the device that curls the lashes by squeezing them into a bent-upward shape. The problem with lash curlers is that they can crimp lashes into a severe angle, which looks unnatural, and while it may make lashes more noticeable, it can also break and pull them out. If you still want to curl your lashes, only do so before you apply mascara, never after, or you will end up with broken or strangely bent lashes. The best lash curlers are the ones with a sponge tip to protect your eyelashes. Squeeze gently with even pressure. Hold for a few seconds and release slowly.