Natural Cosmetics: Hype or Hope?

Cosmetics in the Kitchen

Some of Collinson's favorite all-natural skincare regimes are in your kitchen, such as her oatmeal scrub.

Put oatmeal into a coffee grinder and then add powdered milk. Keep a jar of this dry mix in your shower for sloughing off dead skin cells while you shower. It's very soothing," Collinson says.

"Lemons can bleach age spots," she adds, "and yogurt with salt is a great scrub for oily skin."

Many women don't realize how irritated their skin is with synthetic, artificial chemicals until they make the switch to natural lines. "Women get used to dry, broken out, scaly, tight, itchy, blotchy skin when it is not normal. It should have a glow, some color," warns Collinson who uses no foundation at all.

"You should switch 100% if you want to go with all-natural products," she says, so your skin goes through its two-week adjustment just once.

"If you think your skin is sensitive, avoid fragrances, alcohol, FD&C colors, mineral oil and formaldehyde," she warns. "Mineral oil is everywhere and the more you use, the drier your skin will get.

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