How much is too much when it comes to makeup?

Daily Makeup Application

Your daily makeup routine is all about presenting a fresh, clean face to the world and keeping your morning routine as painless as possible. Your daily look will work whether you're running a meeting at the office or grabbing groceries on a Saturday, and ideally it shouldn't take you longer than 10 minutes to apply.

The most important part of any makeup routine is to start with a clean, moisturized face. Cleansing will help you start with refreshed skin and take care of any remnants of the previous day's makeup that might make the skin look dull.

The next step will be to even out your skin tone, using concealer or foundation. A common misconception about foundation is that you need to apply it everywhere. This isn't necessary -- foundation can be most helpful if it's applied only to the areas where you have redness or darker shadows, like the chin, nose and under-eye area. Dab on your foundation or concealer with your ring finger for even coverage. Deciding between foundation and concealer will depend on the type of coverage your blemishes need, but the most important thing to remember is to keep it as light as possible and to let your natural skin tone shine through.

For the rest of your look, keep it neutral and shimmering for day. Blush is a great way to perk up your look and accent the angles of your face. The color of your blush depends on your skin tone. If you're fair, try pinks; if you have darker skin, check out plums or merlots. A coral is a great choice for a medium skin tone. Use a round brush to apply from the apples of your cheek out toward your hairline for a cheekbone-enhancing look that works on everyone.

To look wide awake, even on the days that you want to hit snooze permanently, try a single coat of black mascara. This is a universal pick-me-up, no matter what your coloring.

Following these tips will keep you looking your best and not overly made-up. If you're headed straight from work for a night out with friends, read on to know what to throw into your makeup bag for a quick transformation.