How much is too much when it comes to makeup?

Evening Makeup Application

Evening makeup is all about spicing up your everyday look. This is the time to experiment with the bright palettes you may shy away from on a daily basis. You may also choose to play up a feature that you don't accentuate every day, like dressing up your lips with a bold red or your eyes with a dark, smoky shadow. Try on a bit of a different personality -- night is the time to be sultry and flirtatious with your makeup.

When making the transition from day to night, you can start with your morning routine to get a clean starting surface. All the same rules for foundation and concealer apply as they do for the day look. If your skin looks as natural as possible, you have a lower risk of looking heavily made-up when you try bolder techniques on your other features.

When planning your evening makeup, choose a feature you want to accentuate and keep the rest of your makeup mellow. If you choose a dramatic lip color, try not to do too much with your eye makeup. If you choose a smoky or highly colorful eye shadow, go for a neutral or matte lip color to keep from overwhelming your face. Bold is fantastic for night, but too much is still a big mistake.

If you're running late or headed out for the night right after work, there's no need to redo your base makeup. You can freshen your look and transition from day to night in three simple steps. First, dust a shimmering, cool-toned eye shadow across the entire lid to make your eye makeup a bit more glamorous. Second, refresh your blush and add a bit of shimmer with a highlighting powder. Finally, use a bolder lip color to really take the look to the next level. Keep these essentials in your purse, and you'll always be ready for wherever the night takes you.

Once you have your evening routine figured out, you may want to try something extra special for an upcoming party or event. Read the next page for some ideas and guidelines for achieving your look.