Top 5 Unusual Spa Facials

If you're spending the day at a spa or beauty salon, it's likely your complexion is about to benefit from a facial. You lie back in a comfortable chair and relax while a variety of lotions, creams, astringents and masks are applied to your face and neck. Your session ends with a face massage and you open your eyes to tighter, brighter, clearer, softer and younger-looking skin. (That's the idea, at least.)

Typically, you probably don't get bogged down in the details of the products being applied; after all, the esthetician is trained in skin care and has planned the facial based on your particular skin. But what if you suddenly caught a whiff of something strange? Or you opened your eyes and glimpsed an unusual material being applied to your face? If your esthetician hadn't discussed this with you ahead of time, you'd probably be very surprised.

Today, some spas are breaking away from the norm and using ingredients and techniques that are anything but traditional. Let's start by looking at a product that we normally associate with eating rather than facials: chocolate.