5 Wacky Spa Services


Ramen Baths

A hot bath on a chilly winter evening can be a wonderful thing, but what if it doubles as your dinnertime preparation? While bathing in a tub full of ramen you're about to slurp down for supper isn't the most pleasant thought, what if wallowing in endless packets of noodley goodness were actually a beauty secret? Would you try it?

If you said yes, you're not alone. Spa services such as these -- which are touted as having health and beauty benefits -- often seem to be just as much about having some novel and relaxing good fun. Take Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, a hot springs amusement park and spa resort in Japan, and pioneer of the ramen-themed baths (which though shaped like ramen bowls, didn't actually contain any real noodles -- just a special imitation concoction). At the same facilities, you can drift through a coffee spa, a green tea spa, a wine spa and a Japanese sake spa, in addition to many other more traditional -- and water-filled -- spas.