5 Wacky Spa Services


Caviar Facials

Caviar might be an everyday delicacy for the fabulously wealthy, but for the only moderately wealthy, it can be an occasional treat at the spa. If you expect to find your face coated with actual caviar, however, chances are you're going to leave a little disappointed -- spas generally use caviar skin care treatments created from concentrated caviar extracts, not the tasty treat itself (hey, all the better to prevent potentially leaving with a faintly fishy smell).

Nonetheless, at a quality spa, you can have what at least used to be sturgeon spawn spread across your face. Such procedures promise firm, glowing skin, replete with all the beneficial nutrients it needs to be absolutely radiant. But while plenty of spas swear by caviar facials, we'll leave the question of whether or not they live up to the hype to all you fish-egg aficionados out there.