5 Wacky Spa Services


Nibbling Fishes

Here, fishy fishy...
Here, fishy fishy...
AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

For some people, a typical pedicure procedure is all they need to please their pups. But for others, it takes the whole nine yards -- they get prepped for pedicure perfection by a fleet of little fish affectionately known as doctor fish.

The fish (actually of two related species) first rose to popularity amid the toasty waters of Turkish spas. They don't actually nibble at human flesh -- can't, with no teeth to speak of -- instead, they gently suck off dead or damaged skin in what's been described as a decidedly ticklish sensation.

Since their debut, they've nibbled their way into various locations around the world, even making a splash in a few spas in the United States. And schools of doctor fish don't just specialize in feet -- they can satiate themselves on full-body feasting as well, which reportedly not only helps regular skin become smooth and soft, but can also help provide relief for people with skin ailments like psoriasis and eczema.