5 Wacky Spa Services


Bird-poo Face Masks

Nightingales have been gaining a lot more respect in the beauty world lately. Not that they haven't been prized by some for hundreds of years, but for anyone who wasn't a geisha or a kabuki actor, the news could still be a little fresh.

But it's not the nightingales themselves, per se, that have people so excited. It's what they leave behind on the occasional windshield that has the beauty world all fired up. Nightingale poo purportedly has some very special properties that can leave skin feeling cleansed, moisturized, silky smooth and beautifully bright.

Of course, before a spa is going to slap some of this on your face, it has to go through a special process. First, the droppings are dried, bombarded with UV light (to sanitize them) and crushed into powder; sometimes they're then combined with a few other face-friendly ingredients.