5 Wacky Spa Services

Bull Sperm Hair Treatments
You want to do what now?
You want to do what now?

We've contemplated a number of oddball animal assists by now, but this has got to be the weirdest. A specialty of Hari's Salon in London, this hair treatment service is guaranteed to get a load of protein into your hair.

Hari's combines katera root with actual bull semen -- and not just any old bull semen: pedigree Aberdeen Angus bull semen -- for the ultimate in protein delivery systems. The semen is refrigerated to take care of any lingering odors after it's, uh, donated. During the Aberdeen Organic bull sperm treatment, a gentle massage works the mixture into clients' hair before they're put under a steamer to get an ideal level of penetration. Reportedly, this sort of TLC leaves hair nourished, moisturized and revitalized, with a shiny, thick finish.

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