5 Strange Saunas

How can a sauna get any crazier than this? Read on to find out. See more getting beautiful skin pictures.
Chris Ware/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

You might not think the sauna offers that much room for crazy innovation. After all, the basic concept behind the traditional Finnish steam bath hasn't changed in centuries. Just crowd some naked people inside a wooden room, crank up the heat and pour water over some rocks and presto! You have a sweaty, relaxing and rejuvenating good time.

Even the sauna-worshiping Finnish people don't gather around the TV to watch the latest episode of "Pimp My Sauna." Sure, high-quality materials and skilled carpentry can make for a particularly fine sauna. Sometimes a window is nice, but can a sauna really get any crazier than that?

Well, grab a towel (it's the rules), gentle reader. We're about to go on a sauna-hopping journey through five of the most imaginative, bizarre and, in some cases, thoroughly unnecessary innovations on the traditional sauna design.

Get ready to break a sweat.