5 Things to Know About Oatmeal Baths


Prevents Skin Damage

Even if your skin is affliction-free, you can still mix a few ounces of powdered oatmeal It may even help you ward off an infection. Scrubbing with it and soaking in it will lock in moisture and soften the epidermis. The phenols and flavonoids in oatmeal also provide protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. If you emerge from a bath feeling slightly sticky, simply rinse off in the shower. But don’t scrub your skin – you want to eliminate the stickiness without removing the essential, microscopic chemicals from oatmeal that give you your desired skin.

Oatmeal is good as a food and as a soothing and restorative component of the bath. Take advantage of both uses and you’ll reap numerous health benefits.