Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Destination Spa

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Stress and the rigors of daily life can really take a toll on your overall health. Whether it's not enough time spent to stop and smell the roses or too many meals ordered out of car windows, a routine that falls short of perfect can really impact how well you feel.

The International Spa Association defines a destination spa as one that promotes a healthy lifestyle to its guests. During a traditional seven-day stay (although the length can vary), spa goers typically sample services such as spa treatments, wellness seminars, fitness activities and special interest programs, while dining on a healthful cuisine throughout their visit.

Destination spas aim to help their clients achieve a renewed sense of peace and purity, leaving them rejuvenated, relieved of stress and ready to put their newly acquired healthy habits into action. But the dizzying array of destination spas can make choosing the right one a challenge. According to the International Spa Association, as of 2008, there were some 18,000 spas in the United States alone [source: ISA]. People seeking rest and relaxation might soon find themselves bewildered and overwhelmed by the choices to be made when selecting the perfect spa for their particular vacation.

Luckily, someone on the hunt for a spa can employ strategies that make the decision less troublesome and tedious. On the next few pages, we'll walk through those tips, outlining the process of spa selection.