Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Destination Spa

The Price
Facials and other services may cost extra.
Facials and other services may cost extra.

Price is of course another big factor in spa selection. You may want to choose a spa that fits neatly within your budget, or splurge to give yourself a really special treat. Whichever choice strikes a chord, keep the goals of your vacation in mind while you decide. After all, if you're going for rejuvenation and relaxation, you don't want to spend the whole week stressing out because you're not sure you're getting your money's worth or fretting about whether you should have shelled out a little more to get the unforgettable experience you were seeking. Choosing a spa whose cost you're comfortable with is important.

Destination spas vary greatly in price and they often run specials, so if money is an issue it helps to be flexible about where and when you choose to go.