Top 5 Tips for Choosing an Esthetician


Get a Recommendation

You can find a great esthetician through word-of-mouth recommendations.
You can find a great esthetician through word-of-mouth recommendations.
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You ask your friends for advice on restaurants and hotels, so why not do the same when choosing an esthetician? Most estheticians get the bulk of their clients through word-of-mouth recommendations, because it's great advertising [source: Hamilton]. If your best friend's skin is glowing, you know she's probably going to someone good. When you get a recommendation, ask a lot of questions, such as what products the esthetician uses and how he or she performs the services provided.

In addition to talking to your friends, you can check online for advice. Web sites like Yelp and offer reviews from consumers just like you. Look for spas and salons that get consistently high ratings. You can also ask your friends on various social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace for recommendations.

When you find a facility that looks promising, check with your state's Board of Cosmetology or the Better Business Bureau to make sure there haven't been any complaints filed against your prospective esthetician or the spa in which they work.

Finally, visit the salon or spa's website. It will give you a good overall impression of the esthetician's experience, technique and the services they offer. "A lot of times the personality of the esthetician or what their idea of good skin care is comes across on the Web site," Hamilton says.