Juvederm Overview

Post-Juvederm Instructions

With this procedure, you won't have to worry about missing out on your day-to-day life to get rid of wrinkles. Juvederm injections only take about half an hour [source: WebMD]. They also require very little follow-up care, but you should be cautious about a few things:

  • Stay away from certain spa procedures after your treatment.
  • Don't go tanning -- it's best to avoid the sun and not spend time in artificial tanning booths.
  • Avoid excessively steamy baths and saunas [source: Middleton].
  • Do not touch or poke the area where you received your Juvederm injection.
  • Wearing make-up and using daily facial products is fine, but be careful not to press too firmly when applying [source: Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety].
  • Try not to make any exaggerated facial expressions. It's okay to show your emotions, but the hours immediately following a Juvederm treatment are not the best time to watch a comedy or tear-jerker at the movie theater.

In addition to avoiding certain behavior after a Juvederm injection, you should also gently apply an ice pack or other cold compress if any bruising, swelling or redness occurs. If any prolonged irritation occurs directly following treatment, discuss it with your doctor immediately.

If you're satisfied with the results of your first treatment, the next step is to make a second appointment. Keep in mind that Juvederm injections need to be repeated every six months to a year to maintain the look you want. In very little time, you could be on your way to a younger-looking face.

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