Oxygen Facials

Oxygen Facial Benefit

An oxygen facial delivers oxygen, moisturizer, vitamins and antioxidants to the skin through an airbrush. The pressure and serum help to plump skin, which minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and increases circulation, which is believed to boost collagen production [source: Parnass].

The facial is said to benefit people interested in fighting signs of aging skin, but it's also believed to provide relief for those who suffer from acne or the skin disorder rosacea. But dermatologists aren't so sure. Although some doctors have begun offering the treatments at their clinics, others are more skeptical, including one that blasted the treatment's claims, essentially calling it ridiculous [source: Singer]. Instead of adding moisture and nutrients, some doctors think the process merely irritates the skin, causing it to swell temporarily and make wrinkles less apparent. Stars who have been on the receiving end of the airbrush, however, say they don't need clinical evidence to back up what they have experienced themselves.

It seems like oxygen facials have their fair number of supporters and detractors. As with many treatments it could take more research to know for sure either way.

Still, if Madonna's recommendation is enough to pique your curiosity, read on to learn about what kind of costs you're looking at.