How are spa tubs cleaned between treatments?

More Maintenance for Your Spa Tub

Using a spa tub may be relaxing, but maintaining a tub that you actually want to luxuriate in takes a bit more work. Here are a few other tricks for treating it right.

  • Every two weeks, if you own a filter that permits cleaning, you should wash it with a high-pressure hose. Before removing it, make sure your filter is free of debris. It's also a good idea to have two filters, so that you'll have one to install temporarily while you're cleaning the other one.
  • One a month, you may want to apply a UV-screening treatment to the tub's cover. Doing so may extend the cover's life.
  • Every two months, soak your filter in a filter-cleaning solution in order to break down organic matter. Remember to hose it down again before reinstalling it [source: Sturgeon].
  • Every three months, add a bottle of concentrated sequestering agent to prevent iron and other metals from building up in your spa and leaving unsightly stains [source: Sturgeon].

Following these steps will keep your spa tub clean and hygienic between the required semiannual treatments, when the whole interior of the tub must be drained, cleaned and reglossed, and the water lines must be completely blown out. For that procedure, you may feel more comfortable hiring a professional, but you can also do it yourself if you're so inclined [source: Sturgeon].

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