Thermage Overview

Effectiveness of Thermage

For every doctor-patient duo singing the praises of Thermage, there's an equally vocal pair proclaiming the treatment is overrated [source: PRweb]. Actress Ellen Barkin, for example, told O Magazine that she's not sure what her thrice-yearly Thermage treatments are doing for her [source: Monroe]. Her age may have something to do with this less-than-enthusiastic endorsement: Barkin is in her mid-50s, and some research has shown that Thermage can be less effective for older people. There's just no way to get around it. Eventually, skin just gets too loose to benefit from the treatments [source: Bailly].

Your age is only one factor contributing to Thermage's effectiveness. A 30-year-old who's spent too many years trying to achieve the perfect suntan might also find the procedure ineffective. The same goes for smokers and people who drink quite a bit of alcohol. Basically, if you haven't treated your skin or your body well, Thermage will not work well for you [source: Kosova].

Clearly, Thermage isn't the fountain of youth for everyone, but there are patients who believe in its effectiveness. And some doctors say that, as they have learned to refine Thermage treatments, their results seem to have improved [source: Johnson].

Not everyone sees immediate results. In fact, results typically manifest between two and six months after treatment. Also, the effects of Thermage aren't permanent, but they can last from six months to four years [source: Bailly]. For some fortunate patients, Thermage delivers dramatic results. But you may be wondering if it's safe. Read on to learn more.