Top 10 Sunscreens for Sensitive Skin


Banana Boat Baby Tear-free Sunblock

Banana Boat Baby Tear-Free Sunblock
Banana Boat Baby Tear-Free Sunblock

What it is: Banana Boat Baby Tear-Free Sunblock is made especially for a baby's delicate skin. It provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection and is hypoallergenic, PABA- and fragrance-free and waterproof. Importantly, the manufacturer says that if it gets in a child's eyes, it won't sting. This lotion is highly water resistant and is white in color, so parents can easily see if any skin is left unprotected. The active ingredients are Homosalate (15.0 percent), Octinoxate (7.5 percent), Octisalate (5.0 percent), Titanium Dioxide (2.4 percent) [source: EWG]. Banana Boat also makes a children's version. Be sure to ask a doctor before using this or any product on a child of six months or younger.

SPF: 50

How much it costs: Eight ounces (236 milliliters) is just $10.