Sun Blisters

Sun Blisters on Lips

When you think of your skin, your lips might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, it's just as important to protect your lips as the rest of your skin.

Lip balms are great for soothing already chapped or irritated lips, and sometimes they come in fun scents and flavors too. The next time you're dabbing on your favorite lip balm, take a look to see if it has an SPF rating. Many lip balms make sun protection part of their formulas, and using a protective balm with 15 or 30 SPF will help prevent sun blisters on your lips. Protective lip balm is especially beneficial in the winter months, when you don't notice the sun's strength or brightness as much.

If you already have a sun blister on your lips, the treatment is similar to treatment for sun blisters anywhere else on your skin. Disinfect sun blisters on the lips by lightly dabbing them with antiseptic wipes. Check with your doctor to determine the best kind to use -- some antiseptic materials are dangerous if accidentally swallowed and should not be used on the mouth. You can also gently apply aloe to sunburned lips to relieve pain, just as you would on any other sunburn. But make sure the moisturizer you use on your sunburn does not contain alcohol, which will tighten and dry out your skin -- and make your sunburn even more painful.

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