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How Lipstick Works

Nothing can brighten up a woman's (or a man's) face quite so fast as a little slick of lipstick. But if crushed beetle shells mixed with wax aren't your thing, we can teach you how to make your own.

What do SPF numbers mean?

When sunscreen with SPF 70 hits the market this summer, you might be tempted to slather it on and bake. Before you do, learn what SPF numbers really mean.

10 Home Remedies for Wrinkles

If you dread the crinkles and creases that come with aging -- don't! Stress only makes wrinkles worse. But how can you remedy the ones you've got?

How could an "anti-aging molecule" work?

A recent scientific development may not lead to the demise of death itself, but it could slow down and even reverse the aging process.

Facelifts: What You Need to Know

Although it can't stop the aging process, a facelift can make you appear years younger. How is the facelift procedure performed? And what risks are involved with this type of cosmetic surgery?

Bobbi Brown's Pallette Picks

Need help in finding the right blush for your skin type? Cosmetic expert Bobbi Brown lends her tips on how to choose the right blush shade for your skin type in this article.

Cheek-to-Chic: Blush Basics for Achieving a Natural Glow

How can I achieve a natural glow? Learn some basic makeup tips in this article to create a healthy natural glow.

Get Younger-looking Hands

How can I get younger looking hands? Check out what we have uncovered about treating your hands and nails in this article.

Makeup Brush Techniques

Brushes can be foolproof tools for applying makeup, yet it is definitely possible to use brushes incorrectly. Check out what we have uncovered about choosing the proper brush for applying makeup.

Marvelous Mascara

Mascara is an amazing invention and is considered fundamental to any kind of makeup application. Learn more about this common type of makeup in this article.

Natural Cosmetics: Hype or Hope?

Are looking for a new and refreshing therapy to heal your ailments? Check out what we have uncovered about naturopathy in this article.

Recipes for Glowing Skin

Glowing skin can be achieved without medicines. Learn how you can create beautiful healthy skin by incorporating these simple foods into your diet.

Set Your Sights on the Right Eye Makeup Colors

How knowledgeable are you about sex? Test your knowledge with this sex quiz.

Shun the Sugar for Sweeter-looking Skin

Can sugar really be causing problems with my skin? Get the not so sweet facts about sugar and its relationship to skin health.

What Is Aging Skin?

Once we are born the aging clock starts ticking. Find out what you can do to keep your constantly aging skin as healthy as possible with the tips inside this article.

When Dark Spots Destroy Your Skin's Even Tone

Do you have dark spots that are harming your skins even tone? Find out what you can do to stop these spots from further damaging your skin tone.

Applying an Eye-makeup Design

Are you looking for information on how to apply an eye makeup design? Get tips and advice in this helpful article.

Microdermabrasion Overview

Microdermabrasion is being billed as an "instant facelift" -- an effective alternative to surgical procedures and Botox. And now more and more men are giving it a shot. So how does it work exactly?

Botox: What You Need to Know

Banish unsightly neck bands. Clear away irksome crow's-feet. Botox injections are being used to erase the effects of time. Some say poison, some say wrinkle remedy. Find out all about Botox.

What happens when someone gets a Botox injection?

Botox can, in many cases, improve skin tone. But how can it be save if it's an injection of botulism toxin?

How do sunless-tanning products work?

How do sunless-tanning products work? Which is the most effective: self-tanning lotions or tanning pills?

What is sunburn?

Sunburn is dangerous and painful, but what is happening in your skin cells as they react to sunlight and UV rays?

How Sunburns and Sun Tans Work

There is something mysterious about the sun and skin: Why do some people tan, and others burn? What's happening, and why does sunscreen prevent it? Find out exactly what the sun does to your skin.

How Tattoo Removal Works

About 50 percent of those who get tattoos later regret them. Find out how laser tattoo removal techniques are helping people of all ages rid themselves of something that they no longer want on their bodies.

How Tattoos Work

Not too long ago, tattoos were taboo in Western culture. But today, people of all ages and walks of life are sporting permanent ink.