How to Wash Your Face

Face Washing Methods

Just a dollop of cleanser -- abut the size of a nickel in your palm -- should be enough to clean your face well. Beyond water and your cleanser, all you really need to wash your face are your fingers or perhaps a washcloth. If your skin is dry or sensitive, skip the washcloth. As always, no matter what you use, a light touch is best so as not to irritate skin. Use gentle circular motions when washing.

Never scrub your face. It may be tempting, especially if you have acne, but scrubbing can backfire and create more problems than it solves [source: TeensHealth].

Your eyes deserve special care. The eyelids have the most sensitive skin of any place on your body, so it's important to be extra gentle when washing around your eyes. Many easy-to-use and mild eye-makeup removers are available. For simplicity, use products that can be removed with water. Waterproof makeup is much harder to remove, and may require you to use too much force when you're trying to get it off.

If you'd like to use more than your fingers, a washcloth is all you really need to exfoliate your skin. Products specifically designed for facial cleansing are an option as well. Woven mesh products exfoliate, and some come with a mild cleanser. Disposable facecloths are usually dry but lather up when wet. An open-weave cloth will be gentler on skin than a more tightly woven cloth [source: American Academy of Dermatology].

Read on to find out how to finish up your daily face-washing routine.