How to Wash Your Face with Olive Oil

How to cleanse your face with oil

"Although olive oil used on its own can be effective as a cleanser, it's best to look for a facial oil formulated to be used as a cleanser," says Fusco. Many brands such as Shu Uemura and Philosophy now offer oil-based cleansers.

Use about a pump's worth of the formula and with your fingers, massage it onto skin that's dry (no need to rinse your face first) for about a minute. Feel free to rub it softly on your eyes to remove makeup—oil is gentle enough that it won't cause stinging, and it can even condition eyelashes, making them thicker and stronger. To remove, rinse a few times with warm water or use a damp cloth or cotton ball to get rid of any residue. "Unless you're super dry, you can skip the moisturizer after cleansing with oil," says Baumann. "Just don't forget the sunscreen, especially first thing in the morning."

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