Quick Tips: Washing Your Face

Follow these tips to put your best face forward.
Follow these tips to put your best face forward.

You might think face washing is a no-brainer; but if you want skin that's clear and youthful, as well as clean, you might want to put a little thought into your daily cleansing routine. Gentle, thorough washing can make the difference between a fresh, healthy face and one that's overly dry or prone to breakouts.

Fortunately, you don't have to invest a lot of extra time and money into your daily beauty routine to achieve the cleanliness and glow you're looking for. There are a few practical approaches that will be easy for you to adopt -- and easy on your face. For example, adjusting your water temperature, re-evaluating the type of soap or cleanser you use, and drying less vigorously can all have positive effects on delicate facial skin.

On the following pages, we'll take a closer look at guidelines for getting a fresh-faced appearance without irritating your skin.

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