Is there a proper way to pop a pimple?

Pimple Popping Methods

You've heard all the warnings: If you pop a pimple, you'll just make it worse and it'll never go away. But you're sure you look like an alien and that everyone is going to be staring at it if you don't put it out of its misery. You reason that it's better to kill the beast before it explodes on its own -- and then you lean in to squeeze the life out of that sucker.

If you absolutely must pop that pimple, there's a better way to do it than digging in with your fingers. Consider trying one of these methods:

  • Wield the right weapon. In most drugstore beauty aisles, you can find the weapon of choice for getting rid of pimple goo: a comedone extractor. To pop your pimple with the extractor, roll it across the pimple while pressing firmly.
  • Go low-tech. Use two cotton swabs instead of your fingers. Wait for the pimple to come to a head, then squeeze with the cotton swabs. Stop squeezing when you see blood and then spot-treat the pimple by applying a tiny bit of hydrocortisone. Make sure you apply it only on the zit.
  • Visit the doctor. Your other option is to let a professional do the popping for you. Having your pimples squished and drained in the doctor's office is sometimes called "acne surgery." Your dermatologist may extract your whiteheads and blackheads or -- if you have cysts -- drain them. Phototherapy (lasers and special lights) can also be used to treat your acne. Your doctor can even inject your pimple with a steroid that should make it go away within a day.

Now that you have some options to properly pop your pimples, read on to find out more about the tools you can use to assassinate that acne.