Top 5 Advancements in Skin Cleansing


Products with Peptides

There's a good reason why your once-youthful skin begins to sag and wrinkle as you age. Your skin gets its taut appearance from its substructure of collagen. Imagine it's wintertime, and you've built a snowman in your yard. Next, you drape a bedsheet over it and smooth the sheet down so it lays directly against the snowman's exterior. Initially, the form of the sheet looks exactly like the snowman you made. After a warm day has caused the snowman to melt a little, the sheet will look a little lumpier and more wrinkled.

If your skin was entirely dried out (don't try this at home), 80 percent of its remaining weight would be collagen [source: Bernstein].

Collagen consists of proteins formed from long chains of amino acids. When you're young, you have lots of collagen, and the links are strong. As you age, these chains break down and turn into peptides.

Peptides are shorter chains of amino acids, and their presence stimulates your skin to make more collagen (a process known as neocollagenesis). Your skin recognizes the externally added peptides as additional broken collagen chains that must be replaced with new collagen. The end result of using products that contain peptides is an effect similar to that of Botox.

Pour yourself a fresh cup of hot, clean skin before reading about the next skin cleansing advancement.