Top 5 Advancements in Skin Cleansing

Coffee Outside the Cup?
Perking up your mood and your skin
Perking up your mood and your skin

Millions of Americans join countless others around the world in starting (and sustaining) the day with a hot cup of coffee. But in addition to jump-starting your brain early in the morning, coffee may also yield benefits for your skin as well.

People who pick coffee beans for a living often have hands with skin much smoother than the rest of their bodies. You wouldn't expect a field worker to have soft, smooth hands, so researchers realized there might be something about the coffee beans being picked that's responsible for this phenomenon.

It turns out that coffee beans contain very strong antioxidants that are absorbed when drinking coffee. Coffee that has been roasted for about 10 minutes has the most antioxidant qualities. One good reason to give your coffee business to a local roaster is the fact that more-processed coffee (as is the case with mass-produced, pre-ground coffee) has less antioxidant qualities.

But the caffeine within coffee also benefits our skin. Caffeine draws water out of fat cells, leaving skin with a smoother appearance. It also constricts blood vessels, which tightens the skin. Finally, caffeine that's been added to skin care products and applied topically may offer your skin some extra protection from the sun.

But it's not like you needed another reason to get your daily coffee fix, anyhow. To get your fix for lots more information about skin care, see the next page.

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