Top 5 Gluten-Free Skin Cleansers


Cleansing Creams

There are numerous cleansing creams on the market today, and some are gluten-free. Like most skin care products, gluten-free cleansing creams sometimes categorize themselves with other labels, such as organic or vegan, so you always have to check the list of ingredients. However, it's fairly easy to procure facial cleansers, moisturizers and makeup removers that lack the troublesome protein, and several large-scale brands, including Neutrogena and Avon, make gluten-free cleansing creams that are relatively easy to find.

If you're having trouble locating a gluten-free cleansing cream, try shopping at stores that specialize in natural and organic products. If you're looking for a more specific type of gluten-free cream, such as a skin bronzer, you might have better luck conducting an online search, where there will be many more options than what you'd find in stores.