What moisturizers are used in body wash?

Benefits of Body Wash Moisturizers

In addition to moisturizing and cleansing benefits, some moisturizing body washes also include vitamin E and other vitamins and minerals. These ingredients can add beneficial nutrients to the skin in addition to water and oils.

If you have sensitive skin, moisturizing body washes may not be the best choice for you because they often contain fragrances and preservatives. Preservatives are used to prevent bacteria growth, and fragrances mask the odor of chemical ingredients -- but fragrances and preservatives can irritate sensitive skin or cause an allergic reaction. However, moisturizing body washes are typically less harsh than soaps and scrubs, so if you have sensitive skin, try a body wash that's organic and fragrance-free [sources: Mayo Clinic, Unilever]. Although they're less harsh than soaps, body washes can still eliminate dirt, bacteria and other irritants from the skin. Plus, moisturizing body washes can trap water and essential oils in the skin -- something soap can't do [source: Draelos].

Thanks to modern science, moisturizing body washes can perform the jobs that soap and lotion used to do separately. Check out the links on the next page to learn more about moisturizing body wash.

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