What makes one skin cleanser better than another?

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Choosing a cleanser with care can help your skin out a great deal.
Choosing a cleanser with care can help your skin out a great deal.
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Unfortunately, when it comes to competing skin cleansers, it's practically impossible to definitively rank one as better than all the others. Different cleansers are ideal for different people -- and even then, what works for someone when they're 20 is probably not going to be the best bet when they're 40, since people's skin changes as they age.

If dry skin is dragging you down, look for skin cleansers that hydrate and protect against additional moisture loss. The best thing you can do for your skin is to use a gentle cleanser and follow up each daily face washing with a creamy moisturizer to help lock in all the extra water you can. An oil-based cleanser could be the ticket to restocking low natural oil levels. Exfoliate infrequently, and don't be afraid to reapply moisturizer midday if necessary.

People with oily skin should usually go with a water-based or even an oil-free facial cleanser, pairing it with a lightweight moisturizer. Oily skin benefits from more frequent and thorough washings than dry skin, but too much attention and vigor can increase oil production, so customize your skin care rituals accordingly. Look for the term "non-comedogenic" on a cleanser's label, which means with any luck the product won't clog your pores. A few acne-fighting extras such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide can't hurt either.

If you've got skin that's oily in some places and dry in others, you might want to opt for two separate cleansers to address each issue, and again, mild is best. Normal skin can handle most types of skin cleansers, but for skin that's on the sensitive side -- whether it's prone to be dry, oily or normal -- choosing a cleanser which takes this into consideration is a must. Sensitive skin rebels in any number of unfortunate ways and is often triggered if cleansers are too harsh or contain fragrances, beads, granules, soaps and alcohols. Look for labels that read "hypoallergenic" or offer claims of calming additives. Plus, the shorter the ingredient list, the better.

Above all, be gentle with your skin. It's a sensitive organ that needs to maintain a delicate balance to function optimally. It might feel satisfying to scrub away, but that fresh clean feeling afterward is actually a sign that your skin is struggling.

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