Skin Cleansing Cloths and Pillows

Types of Skin Cleansing Cloths and Pillows

Whether you have dry, oily or sensitive skin, there are a number of options available in skin cleansing cloths and pillows.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, try using cleansing cloths that contain moisturizers such as vitamin E and glycerin. Both vitamin E and glycerin will absorb water from the air and help your skin retain moisture. In addition, these products often contain fragrance-free, mild soaps, which make them ideal for sensitive skin [source: Mayo Clinic].

Skin cleansing pillows with an exfoliating side are a good choice for people with oily skin -- excess oil can increase the accumulation of dead cells on the skin's surface [source: WebMD]. The rough surface of these pillows can help loosen dead skin cells to reveal the brighter skin underneath, which can make your skin appear younger and healthier [source: Suzman].

If you have acne-prone skin, you need a cleansing cloth that not only cleans your skin, but also fights acne-causing bacteria. These cloths tend to be gentler on skin -- causing less irritation -- than a direct application of concentrated acne-fighting ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid [source: WebMD]. In addition to acne, some prescription cleansing cloths can also help manage rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis. These medicated cloths contain 10 percent sodium sulfactamide and 5 percent sulfur, and they're gentle on the skin and cause little irritation [source: Skin and Aging].

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