Skin Cleansing Formulas

Skin-cleansing Formulas for Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin are more likely to have allergic or irritant reactions to ingredients in skin care products [source: MedicineNet]. Because people with sensitive skin can have such negative reactions to cleansing solutions, they must use skin-cleansing formulas that have fewer -- and weaker -- ingredients. For example, most sensitive skin cleansing products are unscented because fragrances can often cause allergic reactions.

The best types of sensitive skin cleansers are frequently soap-free -- or contain mild soap -- and water-soluble. If you have sensitive skin, look for products that contain lactic acid, glycerin or hyaluronic acid -- these gentle ingredients help skin retain moisture [source: Consumer Research]. Although many of these ingredients are safe on sensitive skin, each person reacts differently, so try several formulas to determine which one works best for your skin.

Although finding the right skin care products for your sensitive skin can be challenging, people with oily skin face just as many difficulties. Read on to learn what causes oily skin and what skin-cleansing formulas work best to fight it.