Skin Cleansing Formulas

Skin-cleansing Formulas for Dry Skin

While people with oily skin overproduce sebum, those with dry skin don't produce enough of it. Most cases of dry skin are exacerbated by external factors such as harsh soaps, dry or cold air, certain medications and frequent hot showers. And sometimes dry skin can be a result of a disease like diabetes or psoriasis. Dry skin may not seem like a serious problem, but it can be painful and itchy, and it can make your face appear red and flaky [source: Web MD].

Because people with dry skin have little oil to protect their skin, they should look for a gentle, moisturizing cleanser that won't further dry the skin. Harsh soaps and astringents can remove oil from the skin and cause irritation, but a gentle, moisturizing soap will cleanse the skin and help it retain moisture. Choose mild soaps that have added fats and oils, and avoid antibacterial and deodorant soaps -- these can be especially harsh on dry skin [source: Mayo Clinic].

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