Top 10 Tips for Cleansing Oily Skin


Cleanse from the Inside Out

A good mechanic never replaces a car's transmission without first running a few diagnostic tests. The same practice can help people with oily skin determine if preventable factors are contributing to their problem. One popular skin care myth (probably spread by frustrated mothers) is that certain foods, such as chocolate, french fries and soda, cause oily skin and acne problems. To date, no credible study has been able to lay the blame on these foods as the culprits of oily skin.

But even if experts don't know what kinds of foods to blame, they know plenty about the kind of diet that makes a positive impact on your skin. Two superstar foods you may wish to add to your diet are lemons and kiwifruits, both of which are credited with contributing to clearer skin [source: Cernek and Unterberger]. Because a possible cause of oily skin is a deficiency of the vitamins B5 and B2, try eating more nuts, beans and whole grains, which are packed with these nutrients.

Aside from diet, other oily skin culprits include certain medications and exposure to smoke and excessive heat and humidity [source: Wellsphere]. Identifying the oily skin triggers that affect you will help you beat skin care woes.