Top 5 Exfoliants for the Body



The easiest way to incorporate exfoliation into a skin-care routine is to make it part of a cleansing ritual. Loofah sponges and facial cloths can be used with your favorite cleanser once or twice a week (daily exfoliating is too harsh for most skin types) to kill two birds -- cleaning and exfoliating -- with one stone.

A loofah is a natural, fibrous sponge that comes from the fruit of the loofah plant.

This type of exfoliant comes in a wide variety of textures (and you can find synthetic varieties, too). Harsher loofahs are best for tough areas like feet and elbows; softer, more flexible loofahs can be used all over the body, and the softest loofahs are better for delicate facial skin.

For sensitive skin types, a facial cloth can provide gentler exfoliating. A facial cloth is a synthetic, softer, washclothlike product with rougher fibers interspersed throughout. It's a lighter form of exfoliation that's less likely to irritate sensitive or dry skin.

While these exfoliants can turn cleansing into an extra-beneficial process, a separate exfoliant can offer even more positive effects. Up next: An exfoliant you probably have in your kitchen right now.