Top 5 Exfoliants for the Face


Facial Scrubs

One of the most misunderstood skin care tips has to do with facial scrubs. Here's the rule of thumb: Your skin type determines which scrub will work best for you. Browsing the beauty section of your local grocery or department store and even the displays at the spa is enough to make your head spin. You'll see scrubs containing everything from ground apricot seeds to seaweed. (Note that body scrubs don't necessarily make proper facial scrubs because they can be relatively rough, so you'll want to stick to those designed for your face.)

Scrubs designed to be used on a weekly basis tend to be pretty harsh and can even damage the skin if you're not careful; daily scrubs contain milder abrasives. Those with microbeads (tiny plastic beads) are gentler on the skin than facial scrubs made from ingredients such as sugar, salt and seeds. Some people even make their own facial scrubs using baking soda, olive oil, milk or oatmeal.