Top 5 Exfoliants for the Face


Facial Brush

It may sound like a skin cleansing myth, but the facial brush is a very real -- and very effective -- exfoliant for the face. This special brush is designed to gently remove sweat, dirt, oils and even dead skin cells without damaging the necessary layers of fat in your skin.

So what does this miracle exfoliant look like? It's pretty similar to the round brush that barbers use to apply shaving cream. However, a facial brush has much shorter fibers than these brushes. Some facial brushes are manual and others are battery-powered. After wetting your face with lukewarm water, apply facial cleanser and give your face a once-over with this special brush and rinse. An alternative to facial scrub formulas in tubes, pots and bottles, you can use this tool for a deep exfoliation once a week or as part of your daily skin cleansing ritual.