Top 5 Exfoliants for the Face



With so many exotic skin care tips out there, this one may sound the least sexy. However, it's a dermatologist-recommend, tried-and-true tip: Use a washcloth. The fibers in standard cotton washcloths can remove dead skin cells, oils, dirt and sweat without damaging your facial skin, which is more delicate than the skin on the rest of your body.

Although celebrity spokespeople and glitzy advertorial campaigns may tempt you to stock your medicine cabinet with all sorts of tubes and jars, you'll get great returns with something you probably have folded in your linen closet. Most skin care professionals advise using a freshly laundered washcloth for your face -- and be sure to reserve it for your face. Washing your back and chest with the same washcloth you use for your sensitive facial tissue only encourages the spread of oil and other bacteria.